Last Parade Vol.2 Limited Edition

Brett Walker

data release: 11-01-2019

etichetta: Melodic Rock Records


formato: 3CD JEWEL CASE

"Last Parade" è una raccolta dello storico cantautore rock canadese Brett Walker, scomparso nel 2013, e famosissimo in tutto il mondo per le sue composizioni che hanno fatto parte di numerosissime serie TV degli anni '80-90 (Sex And The City, Baywatch, CSI Miami per citarne alcuni)

"Last Parade" non è un semplice "best of", bensì un'opera gigantesca che comprende quasi esclusivamente materiale inedito (mix alternativi, demo, versioni editate e canzoni mai pubblicate) e suddiviso in due volumi di 3 CD ciascuno per un totale di 103 brani. 

Edizione Limitata a 500 copie. 

CD1: The Unreleased AOR Vaults – Part One The AOR Anthems

01. Still A Dream Away (Demo Version)
02. Branded
03. Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
04. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Brett Vocals; Guitar Mix)
05. After The Tears Have Gone
06. I’ll Be Seeing You Around
07. A Far Cry From Love (Faster Version)
08. Higher Ground
09. Who’s Gonna Be In Tears
10. So Close And Yet So Far Away
11. Heaven Stops The Rain
12. In This Crazy World
13. Still A World Away
14. One Foot In Heaven
15. On The Train Again
16. Countless
17. Last Parade
CD2: The Unreleased AOR Vaults – Part Two More Anthems & Guest Spots

01. Always A Place
02. A Little Too Late
03. Fools Paradise
04. Heaven Only Knows
05. Wrong Side Of Love
06. Not About To Give In
07. All I Need Tonight (Guitar Mix)
08. Take Me To The River (Heavy Version)
09. No Reasons Of The Heart
10. Silver And Gold
11. Bring You To Life
12. Hard To Leave (Demo; Carl Dixon Vocal)
13. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Demo; Carl Dixon Vocal)
14. She’s A Touch Like You (Carl Dixon Vocal)
15. A Taste Of Love (Demo; Carl Dixon Vocal)
16. More Than A Memory (Carl Dixon Vocal)
17. One Good Reason (Carl Dixon Vocal)
18. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Michelle Rohl Vocal)

CD3: Midwestern Moods - The Unreleased Midwestern Vaults

01. Steady Love On Shaky Ground
02. I Know You’re Still Around
03. The World
04. Hit The Dream
05. Believe Me
06. Never Too Late
07. Good Enough (from Rock For Japan Comp)
08. Hard To Break
09. Catchin’ On (from SJV Sessions)
10. Alright By Me (from SJV Sessions)
11. Rights To Yesterday (from SJV Sessions)
12. Living On The Moon
13. Wherever
14. Photographic Life
15. Shine
16. Stranger In Town
17. Feels Like Forever

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