Lethal Mind Vinyl Trasparent Red Limited Edition 500 copies

Heaven's Trail

data release: 26-10-2018

etichetta: Escape

genere: HARD 'N HEAVY


Gli Heaven’s Trail sono:

Rick Altzi - Vocals (Masterplan, ex At Vance)
Barish Kepic - Guitars and Keyboards (ex-Jaded Heart, Powerworld, and Evidence One)
Michael Muller - Bass (Jaded Heart, ex-Mad Max)
Kevin Kott - Drums (Masterplan, ex At Vance) 

Fondati da Barish Kepic (ex-Jaded Heart, Powerworld, and Evidence One) sono il nuovo super-gruppo di hard 'n heavy tedesco, che completa la propria line-up con Rick Altzi (Masterplan, ex At Vance), Michael Muller (Jaded Heart, ex-Mad Max) e Kevin Kott (Masterplan, ex At Vance). Una garanzia! 


1. Lethal Mind (4.39) 
2. Too Late (4.37) 
3. Changes (5.03) 
4. Carousel (4.35) 
5. Feed my Soul (4.51) 
6. On The Rise (4.28) 
7. The Flame (4.59) 
8. Walking in the shadows (5.28) 
9. Voodoo (4.14) 
10. King of Pain (3.44) 
11. Simplified (4.25) 

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